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Inner Tube Tortoise – The Final Tortoise

This post in part of a series where I try to make a Galapagos tortoise out of inner tubes. Find all the posts here.

So, I feel a bit embarrassed about this. I totally dropped the ball in updating about the progress of my tortoise. I think when I realised just how difficult it would be to create what I wanted out of inner tube, it became my priority to get just SOMETHING done to enter into the show to not let my team down.

And by “just get something done” I mean, faff for over a month and the scramble to finish at the last minute.

And thankfully I did finish it!

To backtrack a bit…

I had made several spare shells, and I used one to practice how I’d do the shell design. I thought I’d make the scutes, with a lighter shade between them to mimic the dust that gets trapped in the grooves.

My original was messier to mimic the natural variations on the images I saw, but I ended up going neater on the final piece as I was worried the judges would be pedantic and assume I was just being messy.

I struggled with how to do the face

Before you ask: I have no idea. It wasn’t a grinning face, that was supposed to be his…beak? lips? Well it obviously didn’t turn out the way it did in my mind. The final face is much more subtle.

I also struggled with the wrinkles, and just went with squiggly lines.

How did I score? I got joint second lowest or joint lowest for individual entries. Ha! It turns out this judge prioritised expertise over ambition and originality, and my paper mache wasn’t smooth enough. Oh well. I’ve found a David Shrigley print that more or less sums up with what I have to say to that judge.

I’m not really that bitter about it, I promise. I more find it really funny. But I had a lovely time working with the ladies in the WI, and will be co-taking over the WI Show group next year. Here are both our group entries in progress (missing a few elements). I can’t find the pictures I took of them so I’m going off some images from the WhatsApp group.

And now I know not to take it nearly as seriously as all that, and prioritise enjoying myself (which I did in the end) as there is no objective judgement criteria to work from. It’s all completely out of my control and down to the personal preferences of the judges.

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