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Winter of Care & Repair

Have you heard of the #WinterOfCareAndRepair2023?

I hadn’t until Jacq (@goodtalkingto) suggested it might be something I was interested in, so I listed to @thepeoplesmending talk about it on the @checkyourthread podcast.

TBH it sounded slightly daunting at first – a challenge that lasts 90ish days. I have a spotty track record for challenges that last a month. But after I listened to the episode I left the idea to percolate for a few days. I thought of a number of things I’ve been neglecting, or things I’d like to do but sometimes find it hard to stir up the motivation – especially at this time of year.

So here we come with the very generous list. Surely I’ll hit at least one?

Between Winter Solstice 2023 and Spring Equinox 2024, I will do at least one of the following every day:

  • mend, tend, repair, care for, or otherwise maintain something I own
  • declutter, deep clean, or otherwise sort out an area of my home/garden
  • work on a creative project for myself
  • get outside for a walk or do some yoga/stretching
  • share my progress in weekly posts

It’s very easy for me to be a hermit, and to prioritise work making over something for myself. I don’t need to do much – maybe some cutting out, pinning, or a few stitches. I also keep putting off tidying up some areas of the garden, and polishing my boots. On days where I’m not feeling up to something like that (or hopefully in addition) I’ll make sure I do some kind of physical activity. I’ll also share it on here, because why not?

I’m hoping the cumulative effect of all my little bits of effort will be a sense of achievement when I look back, or just a boost to my wellbeing.

Today is the winter solstice, but don’t let that stop you from percolating up an idea for yourself over the next few days. It all sounds very much like something to give yourself a little nudge, and not a stick to beat yourself with!

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