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WoCaR 2023 – Week 6

This post in a series keeping track of my Winter of Care and Repair 2023 Project. If you want to see all the posts in the series click here

27 January

A not entirely unexpected setback on the socks today.

I mended the heel as with the other sock, that wasn’t a problem.

But when I tried it on I noticed two things…

  • The knitted patch was too uncomfortable
  • The yarn was thinning at the ball of my foot, extending over to where the patch was stitched down

The two things taken together meant one thing: I had to take the patch off and do something else. Thankfully it was only really connected around the outside. The most fiddly bit was unweaving all the tails.

The uncomfortableness of the patch was because I hadn’t removed the layer of yarn below it, but I still wasn’t comfortable doing that. Because there was a thinning area too I decided to go with a combo swiss darn/stocking web darn, creating one seamless, odd shaped reinforcement.

I started out with the thinning area and created my thread support structure in the hole when I started working near the hole itself. Hopefully this will work!

28 January

(Spoiler alert) Success!

I finished this off while on the phone to my parents. Walking around it felt SO MUCH better. There are one or two places I got a bit muddled: I thought there was a decrease somewhere within the area that had worn away, but then when I actually got to stitching at the top there was one more column of stitches than I’d anticipated. Oh well, it’s not hurting anything.

And that means these socks are done!

So I turned my attention to the other pair.

Why am I posting this picture again? I forgot to take a before picture of the green sock. It’s there on the upper right, turned inside out. Very weirdly, one sock was perfectly fine, but this one had a massive worn/holey patch at the ball of the foot. It has a smooth, almost felted feeling outside and fluffy inside. I was curious to see how the mend would feel once finished.

Thankfully the worn area just fit on the larger of my mending discs, and I did a honeycomb darn to suit the shape of the holey/worn area.

Tilly, as always, just barely tolerating this.

Trying it on (Mr Team Sikel: “does Colin know you’re wearing on his socks?” Me: “I’m just trying them on to make sure they’re comfortable and not thinning anywhere else”), it felt really nice. I might’ve felt alright cutting out the worn area where the patch was going to go, especially as the shape had warped. But I left it in because there was still a bit of fluff there. I made sure to pick up the worn area with the blanket stitching as I went around, and all those little stitches (thankfully!) scrunched it back into place without any weird textures.

I’m really sad to be done with Colin’s socks. I think there may be one or two of mine in need of a little reinforcement, but nothing as challenging (and skill-building) as this.

29 January

I quilted, trimmed, and did the machine stitching part of the binding on the mini quilts.

I tried some new styles of quilting out, some more successfully than others. I was going full speed ahead for the vortex and got it very wrong in the middle.

Attempt 2 at that:

There will be an attempt 3!

30 January

I’d been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately – I’d given myself a couple of unrealistic deadlines and was stressing about those. Looking back it was all very silly, but obviously I wasn’t in the headspace to think about things logically. So I spent a good chunk of this day tackling one of those to dos (watching some business-related talks) while ALSO tidying up my craft room.

There are no before photos because I forgot. It looked bad and felt stressfull to be around, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Mostly lots of things put down the first free space I could find instead of their proper homes.

I promise you this is clean compared to what it was! Still some work to do, and some projects out and waiting, but much better.

I also worked on the hand binding of some of the mini quilts.

31 January

A little more tidying, a little more listening to things, finishing off the binding of the last mini-quit.

No closeups but you can see attempt 3 on that centre bit. I’m going to leave it there.

I also decided to wash all the miniquilts! This is the last step to see how all the different styles of quilting look after to help me decide on what to do for the main quilt. Did you forget that existed?

Adding to everything else on I started planning a project that’s been on my mind for a while: pj bottoms.

In addition to my putting things down wherever habit, I also often leave things out as a reminder of things I want to get around to. These have been out on the side for weeks, and while I did play with layouts (whether I could do sets or just bottoms) and even I pressed the lighter blue fabric, I’m going to put them away until I finish the quilt.

1 February

Before and after – I thought it better to have them in the same day next to each other for better shrinkage comparison.

They didn’t magically get whiter, the lighting is a bit yellow in the living room in the evening. A few more closeups:

I put my favourite at the end. I do like the very close lines a lot, too, but I’m trying to be realistic. These wider spaced lines will already be a lot of work on the larger top. Not entirely sure how I’m going to mark those but I’ll cross that bridge once I’ve tackled stitching in the ditch.

I also started cracking on with the last bit of Mr Team Sikel’s christmas present: flannels

One’s finished (though I have to undo part of it to add a hanging tab), and I’m hoping to have one ready for hand finishing for Saturday as that’s probably all I’ll be able to squeeze in around canal and D&D.

2 February

Eked out a little time to join up the ends of the binding

While Simon was watching rugby I machine sewed one binding and added a loop that’s probably far too big.


I struggled a bit towards the end of this past week. After the high of the socks I’m floundering a bit with a few WIPs (work in progress), while also still planning new projects…not really the best combo. I’ll try to focus on a few outstanding projects (yes this means the larger quilt) before starting something new.

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