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WoCaR 2023 – Week 7

This post in a series keeping track of my Winter of Care and Repair 2023 Project. If you want to see all the posts in the series click here

A surprisingly busy week this week but I managed to do even a little bit every day. There are a series of photos I took on Friday as I was a bit rubbish about taking them on the day. But I promise I did to the work throughout the week.

3 February

This was an incredibly busy day for me. I spent the morning volunteering on the restoration of the Montgomery Canal, doing some hedge laying and helping neaten up the profile of a section of the canal before we start lining and blocking it (hopefully) next month. Does that count? I guess not, it’s not in my home or garden…

Then Mr Team Sikel and I headed to Shrewsbury to play more D&D at Nerdy. I’m sort of getting the hang of it, though it was a really weird one shot campaign. 80% splitting our party for some reason/faffing trying to figure out what was going on, 20% actually just fighting the things. We didn’t leave until nearly 11, and I was knackered.

So, I literally did two stitches on one of the flannels I showed the binding of last week.

4 February

Finished off the first flannel.

Here it is front and back. I’m pretty sure that loop is silly long, but I’ll see how Mr Team Sikel gets on with it before I switch anything. I’ll do the other hanging loops smaller.

5 February

Machine stitched the binding and loops on to two more flannels.

I machine stitched a narrower seam allowance on these as opposed to the one I finished yesterday, and made the hanging loop smaller too. We’ll see how they turn out!

6 February

A bit more stitching, finished another and did one side of the third.

You can see the differences between the two. I like the loop on the second but the binding on the first as there’s less of a difference between the two sides. But to be honest my husband won’t care or notice, so I’m not going to restitch the other ones until I have to replace the binding completely, however long that is from now.

7 February

Today I went to a crafty session in town. I’d been thinking of starting one with the climate emergency centre, but when doing research realised there were already several craft groups that met regularly.

Today’s was at the Oswestry Library – they meet on the first and third Wednesday there, and on the last Saturday at a cafe in a local art gallery.

They were super friendly and I finished off the third flannel, and worked on my endless canvas bag darning.

8 Februrary

The final flannel was also the first flannel, and one my husband actually got on Christmas. So today I unpicked one edge, attached the hanging loop, and stitched it back up. All four are done!

I also did a bit more work on my bag darn. I just need to weave in the ends.

This is the inside, the little loops are just in case the thread shrinks in the wash. I don’t want it warping the fabric.

9 February

I started working on mending a duvet cover that got some holes courtesy of the cat.

Holes inside

I took a piece of scrap cotton (which came from the bag a fitted sheet came in…does anyone use those bags for storage?), overlocked it, and basted it to the back of the sheet. I’m still debating whether I’ll hand or machine stitch over the top

I also finally started our battle on the minor plague of soil fungus flies we’ve had the past month or two. It’s not been a full-on infestation, but they’ve basically gotten into all the pot plants in the house. Sadly they’re not the kind of fly that goes for the apple cider vinegar traps (I’ve tried!), so we ordered some nematodes and sticky traps from the internet.

Thankfully the nematodes have a best before 8/3, so we’ve got nearly a month to use them. We got enough nematodes for 60sqm, so we’ll be applying very concentrated batches in weekly waterings. Here’s hoping it works. The backup is mites, which I’m not really feeling.

Looking forward

This week I spent a lot of time tackling the admin backlog I’d developed, so not much time for crafting. I’m hoping to get a bit more serious about things this year, and have recently emailed a business near Liverpool about a suitable industrial sewing machine! It looks like a little thing written down, but given how frustrating the last time I went searching for one was, it was a really big step for me.

Tomorrow is the repair cafe, I can’t wait to see what Colin thinks of his socks. I’m really proud of them and wish I could keep them to show off!

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