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WoCaR 2023 – Week 9

This post in a series keeping track of my Winter of Care and Repair 2023 Project. If you want to see all the posts in the series click here

Every time I think “wow, that’s been a busy week,” another, even busier, week comes along. Phew! In addition to adding some new upcycled board game coasters to my website (which you can find here), I also went on digger training!

While incredibly fun, it was also knackering. You have to operate two joysticks: the one on your left hand controlled the slew (spinning the cab and arm around) and one part of the digger arm. The other controlled the other part of the digger arm and opening/closing the bucket.

It required so much concentration and was absolutely knackering. So apologies if this week was light duties. Part of looking after myself is stepping back a little when I need to. I did still do something every day, but it wasn’t always very much, and most of it wasn’t especially exciting.

17 February

My husband came to the rescue today, asking me to add another hole to his belt so he could keep using it. Of course he asked this when we were just about to walk out the door, and he had the belt on.

So took off my shoes, ran up to my workshop, and grabbed a leather punch.

It’s a bit wonky, but he kept blocking my light and wouldn’t let me get a ruler to mark out the centre.

But it does mean he can still use the belt.

18th February

Today I asked for advice. I’d been given a fabulous jumpsuit for my birthday a few years ago, but only after a few wears it developed an awkward hole.

Now, you know I love visible mending. I think it’s a great way to normalise and celebrate the fact that we’re extending the useful life of clothes. I’m even fine with visible crotch/rear end mends.

But this jumpsuit was obviously constructed and then dyed. It’s got lovely seamless pattern matching across the whole thing, even the thread, and I really don’t want to interrupt that more than I have to.

So I asked the lovely people on the Modern Mending Club facebook group for some advice on whether I could mend it without undoing any of the seams.

Thankfully the consensus was yes, I should be about to squeeze in a patch around the hole, but people recommended silk thread as its thinner, so until I source that I won’t be able to progress with this one.

19th February

I picked up a denim jacket at a charity shop. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and I’m pleased to have found one that fits…though it’s got two problems.

  1. It doesn’t have a hanging loop.
  2. There’s a tiny hole next to the label

I decided I wanted to do full-yoke sashiko-style stitching design within the panel – I’ve seen some online and really love them. But ideally I’d have a patch on the inside to support and reinforce the hole.

I decided to trace out the panel and reinforce the whole thing – as that area gets a lot of strain on a denim jacket.

…but it turns out the panel is wonky.

If you’re ever stressed about making your own clothes, just know this Gap denim jacket (which probably cost at least £50 new) is cut off grain in a lot of places! Meaning that it’ll stretch weirdly as its worn.

So I consulted a very trusted source and worked out I can still do the whole panel stitching, but only patch the area around the hole. I’m stilly iffy about this, as I feel a bit silly doing reinforcing stitching on an area that isn’t really being reinforced. That area is going to be under the most strain, so I would hate for it to tear somewhere else when I’ve already got stitching, you know?

I haven’t decided what stitch design to use.

I also made a start on a less-creative but necessary sorting-out project: rehoming my files.

I’ve been picking up folders and those plastic sleeves from freecycle (both WANTED and OFFERS), and I’m going to transfer everything to those, as we don’t have the space for my current storage bin system.

So I made a little progress on that and filed away a couple of drop files worth of papers.

20-23 February

These days just flew by, between digger training and getting my new sewing machine delivered Tuesday evening. When I did finally have a free day (the 22nd) all I wanted to do was get some practice on the new machine.

So all I did was chip away at relocating the files.

I’m not upset, I think doing anything more with the other projects I’ve got in progress would’ve been too much. This challenge isn’t a stick to beat myself with, it’s a gentle reminder to do make some progress this winter.

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