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WoCaR 2023 – Week 10

This post in a series keeping track of my Winter of Care and Repair 2023 Project. If you want to see all the posts in the series click here

24 February

Another busy day, heading into Shrewsbury to play D&D.

I belatedly did another dose of nematodes to the house plants. Still a few flies around the house, but a lot less than there were. We’ve got enough for two more doses. Here’s hoping it keeps working!

25 February

Busy day, so I chipped away at reorganising my documents.

Yes this is the same picture from last week, did you need me to take another one of some folders in a locker?

26 February

Got to work on a project for this year’s Oswestry show group competition. It’s a hat! Specifically, the Serpentine Hat by Elbe Textiles.

It’s using some black denim I have 20 metres of and some canvas scraps. I bought that much denim from Pound Fabrics to use as loose sofa covers when we were renting before moving into our new home. At £2.50/metre, it was cheaper than buying two sofa covers, and those wouldn’t have been nearly as strong.

It was a bit of a gamble as you had no choice of colour, or whether or not it was stretch. I would’ve preferred a lighter colour, but I was happy enough given the thickness and that it’s 100% cotton.

As it turns out, Tilly was really well behaved and didn’t try to and destroy the rental sofas. So it’s all in pretty pristine condition. I really should make more things out of it.

More on this project later, this is very much a test.

27 February

Today I mended the Dread Pirate Rabbit, whose arm was falling off.

I made him over a decade ago. He’s got an eye patch because I put his eye in the wrong place at first and accidentally cut his face when removing it. He got the other embroidery tattoos as a theme.

He’s got a little hole on his neck seam which I need to sort out, too, but it’ll keep until another day.

28 February

Got a bit more work done on my hat, assembly up to the point the directions said to just top stitch the exterior outside of the hat on (the last step).

I thought it’d be a lot of pressure to go through so many layers neatly, so I decided I’d hand baste the fabric on before top stitching with the machine. But that’s work for tomorrow.

29 February

Hand-basted the hat!

It was quite thick and tough on my thumb – I definitely stabbed myself with the back end of the needle a few times – but I’m going to feel so much better to top stitch it now.

I also fixed a zip that had come off a coat pocket.

I thought it’d be a pain but it was super simple! To keep it from coming off again I did some whip stitches at the base of the zip, and ladder stitched up the fabric to cover the end a bit more neatly. Though TBH it’s in a pocket, even I’m not going to see it.

1 March

Busy and tiring day on the canal, so I didn’t have time to do much. But did that little bit of top stitching!

I’m fairly happy with the hat. I’m not sure if I should stiffen it a bit more as the brim can get floppy.

Not sure how much I should say about the project at this stage (given how my entry last year didn’t end up being out of inner tubes, and was judged not so well in the competition), so I’ll save more info on it until I know this is what I want to do.

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