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WoCaR 2023 – Week 13

This post in a series keeping track of my Winter of Care and Repair 2023 Project. If you want to see all the posts in the series click here

16 March

I picked up some fabric for more hats! We were rushing back from Manchester to Shrewsbury and I didn’t get much time to do anything else.

I’m not sure if these will be stiff enough, I’ll make one as is but maybe see if I can find some heavy duty natural interfacing. I’m also not sure if the print is a bit too big, but I’ll just look a little more abstract. These are just practice.

17 March

Last week I’d made a bunch of Nikko tops, and while most were comfy, one that was just on the cusp of the amount of stretch required for the pattern was a little tight. I realised I’d mis-measured myself. Patterns are designed with a cup size (3″ larger than your high bust measurement in this case). Mine was the correct measurement at my bust, but was too small for my shoulders.

On the phone with my parents I cut out three more at the correct size.

I got on a bit of a roll 😂.

I also finished up nearly all of the stitching on my jacket – just a few more bits around the edges to do, which I inked in.

18 March

Marathon Nikko making!

You could definitely argue probably had other things on my to-do list with higher priority, but given that I’d been searching for this pattern all winter, I just wanted to knock more out before I completely missed the long sleeve top weather.

To slightly future-proof myself I made one with a crew neck, but I very much fudged the insertion of the neck band so a lot of the ease ended up in the front. It’ll be fine for a workout top (which is what the fabric is), but I’ll have to be more careful when I make another.

I’m also really excited to have finally used my whale fabric.

Probably intended for a swimsuit, don’t really care. I have more to make a pair of leggings.

19 March

At this week’s Mid-Week Mend I had a little downtime so I finished up my denim jacket!

I proceeded to stare at for ages just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything – sometimes those gaps are hard to find with an all-over pattern like this that I didn’t tackle at all systematically.

20 March

I ironed off the grid and stitch guide markings for my denim jacket.

The video is less impressive than I thought it would be. Here’s a before and after.

That also looks less impressive than I was hoping 😂.

Here’s the inside, which I’ve not really shown off.

I’ve got one more little task I’m debating doing – replacing the all-purpose thread that’s holding the patch on around the edges with some grey perle cotton. I just to find some that’s the right size and colour to blend in.

Oh I also want to add a hanging loop at the collar, but need to pick up some correct top-stitching thread.

Jobs for another day.

Hooray! I feel really proud of myself for working on this all winter. I’ll be doing a proper recap post soon once I’ve got a little distance and time to reflect on what I achieved. Keep an eye out for it!

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