About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m the owner and maker behind Team Sikel. I also run the social media, post your orders, and do all the admin and finances.

I’ve always been a maker and prefer using reclaimed materials in my makes. After a surprise redundancy in 2019, I wanted an opportunity to do hands on work that was positive for the planet. I took a leap and decided to start my own business.

At my previous job I did some crafty projects with my students using punctured bicycle inner tubes. It was a cost-saving measure for our small teaching budget as bike shops just throw them away. Inner tubes seemed like the perfect material for Team Sikel, too: they give my products a durable exterior with a vegan-friendly leather look, and every tube I use is one less that ends up in landfill. It’s not the easiest material to work with, but I’m so pleased with how everything turns out.

I’ve also created my own earrings using whatever takes my fancy for about a decade. People always told me I should sell them (though I’m sure anyone with a crafty hobby gets that from their family and friends, too!). I enjoy searching for second-hand goodies to repurpose into kitschy statement jewellery, and there are only so many pairs I can make for myself and friends.

Starting my own business hasn’t been easy, but working with my hands is when I’m happiest, so on balance it’s the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

Thank you so much for supporting Team Sikel. Every purchase you make helps the planet and makes me do a happy dance!