Dog Poo Bag Holder

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These poo bag holders are made from punctured bicycle inner tubes; brass rivets, D-Rings, and grommets; and webbing (material content varies).

They’re made by me (Kelly) from my home workshop near Oswestry in Shropshire.

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  • Helps the environment by keeping inner tubes out of landfill
  • Inner tubes are resilient – no worries about brittle plastic breaking
  • The grippyness of inner tubes means you won’t accidentally pull out loads of bags at once
  • Metal carabiner makes it easy to attach to leads, bags, keychains, or belt loops
  • Each one’s made by hand and unique

How to refill your holder

  • Open the flap
  • Fold the end of the roll of dog bags
  • Feed the end of the bag roll through the grommet
  • Roll or push the rest of the bag roll into the holder while feeding out the slack through the grommet
  • Snap the flap shut.

For those visual learners amongst you, check out this video:

Please note: Inner tube is grippy, so removing that first bag after putting a new roll in might need a slightly firmer pull, but it’ll soon become easier. For best results, try not to leave excess loose material in the holder when inserting a new roll – i.e. pull out the tail end of the bag as you insert the rest of the roll, or roll the rest of the bags into the holder to take up the slack.

What Brand of Dog Bags Should I Use?

The holders are designed to work with standard sized roll of dog bags (approx 3.5 cm diameter, 6cm wide), but sizes vary. I tested with a few that I had easy access to: Beco Super Strong Unscented Poop Bags, Beco Plant Based Compostable Poop Bags, and Earth Rated Unscented Poop Bags.

As for what’s the “best” bag to use, there is no simple answer. Please check with your local council, as they will tell you what bin it should go in. For example, in Shropshire it should go in with general rubbish NOT garden or food waste bins.

Here are some things I’ve found researching dog poo bags, though it’s best to look for yourself as your situation and priorities may vary.

Biodegradable – While natural materials are biodegradable, the term can be used for plant based plastics and other materials that require specific industrial conditions to break down. Those conditions aren’t available in all areas, and putting them in the wrong bin may result in contamination and inadvertently sending more things to landfill. If the bags do break down in landfill, they may release the powerful greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere.

Compostable – The term compostable can mean different things. Similar to biodegradable, the bag may require specific industrial conditions to break down that aren’t available in many areas. If they do break down in landfill, they may release the powerful greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. The term “home compostable” is one to look out for – but please only place in a well-managed compost heap that will end up on ornamental plants (i.e. not something you’ll eat). If home composting, be aware that dog poop can contain germs and parasites harmful to people. If dogs are on medication/worming treatments, these can be present in the poop and harm beneficial organisms in the compost.

Recycled Plastic – Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down, and then just become microplastics that continue to harm to environment. While many people are trying to rid their lives of extra plastic, it does have its uses. It’s often more durable and less prone to leakage and tearing than other types of bags. If you want to use plastic look out brands that are made from recycled plastic. Just be wary as the percentage of recycled plastic varies in bags, so check the fine print.

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Any other questions? Feel free to contact me.