Do you have bicycle inner tubes that are beyond repair? Please donate them to Team Sikel!

Current Collection Locations

  • I’m happy to accept bicycle inner tubes that are beyond repair at any event in our calendar.
  • Pickup of a larger number of inner tubes near Maidstone or another event can be arranged. Please contact me for more information.
  • Zero Waste on Wheels (various locations around Kent) – Alicia runs an amazing mobile refill service for food and cleaning supplies around Kent. She appears regularly at Little Fant Farm and Maidstone Market, but you can book a visit to your house. In addition to collecting inner tubes for me, she also collect several Terracycle streams. Check out her Facebook page for more info.
  • Senacre Cycles saves inner tubes from their repairs

A few guidelines:

  • Please try to repair your inner tube before you consider donating.I love seeing inner tubes with lots of patches, it adds character to the products I make. I worry sometimes that my business is an excuse for people to do the right thing. If you really want to help my business and the planet, please patch your inner tubes as many times as you can. I’ll still be here to take them and it’ll make the products I do make more desirable to buyers.
  • I am unable to accept inner tubes with slime inside them as I am not able to dispose of it properly.
  • Please deflate them before donating if you can.

What happens to them after they’re donated?

They get cleaned and transformed into something useful! All work happens in Maidstone, Kent. For some behind the scenes pictures, follow me on instagram @teamsikel.


What is slime and why don’t you accept inner tubes filled with it?

Slime is a bright green substance used to help prevent and seal punctures in inner tubes. While it’s marketed as being environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the safety data sheets for the product (external link here) say to avoid releasing it into the environment. I do not have the space or ability to remove all of the slime from an inner tube before it’s washed, and don’t want to release it into waterways.

Thank you for your understanding.

Do you accept tyres?

No, sorry! I specialise in products made from inner tubes – the inflatable tube that sits between the tyre and the rim. You may be able to find other makers in your area who are able to use the tyre.

If you make something out of tyres, or know someone who does, let me know, and I’ll add the link here.