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Cable Tidy – XL


Vegan-friendly cable tidy. Handmade from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes. Select an option for specific information.

The measurements in parenthesis are the approx size of bundled cable that will fit in each tidy. See the full description below for more info on measuring your cables.

Price per Item
One Cable Tidy £4.00
Three for £9 £3.00


About Cable Tidies

Cable tidies are brilliant at keeping cables from becoming tangled. The butyl rubber is grippy with a little bit of stretch.


  • Made from punctured bicycle inner tubes (butyl rubber)
  • Sizes vary slightly – select an individual item for specific characteristics and measurements
  • Close with a metal snap
  • Vegan

This listing is for XL cable tidies (measuring 6.5+ cm from snap to snap when laid flat), which I normally suggest for larger USB cables and some thin appliance cables – but please measure your cable using the directions below. Choosing correct cable tidy depends on the thickness/length of the cable in you need to store, as well as how you wrap it up.

There are other listings for my small cable tidies (3.5-4.9 cm when measured from snap to snap) and large cable tidies (measuring 5.0-6.4 cm from snap to snap when laid flat).

To determine what size is right for you:

  • Wrap your cable up as you normally would.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it snugly around your bundle. If you don’t have one, use a string and hold it up to a regular ruler.
  • Look for a measurement a few mm longer when selecting your option.


Cable tidies will ship to you in plastic free recyclable packaging along with a care slip with the basics of looking after your tidy. Check out the Care page for more info. Please consider reusing the packaging instead of just recycling once it’s been opened.

About Team Sikel Products

All Team Sikel products are handmade by Kelly from reclaimed materials and will feature signs of wear from their previous lives. We don’t consider these faults – they make every product one-of-a-kind!

While all inner tubes are washed thoroughly before being remade into new products, they may still mark light surfaces. For information about how to look after your products, please check out our Care page.

Keep away from small children.

NB: Please ignore any white/yellow/orange dots in the photos – these are used for stocktaking purposes and will not be included on the item you receive.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

A – Plain Black / Gunmetal Snap (7.1 cm), B – Green Stripe / Silver Snap (6.5 cm), C – Writing / Gunmetal Snap (6.6 cm), E – Yellow Stripe / Silver Snap (7.3 cm), F – Plain Black / Antique Bronze (7.4 cm), G – Yellow Stripe & Schrader Valve / Antique Bronze (8.1 cm), H – Orange Stripe / Silver Snap (8.5 cm), I – Blue Stripe / Silver Snap (9.8 cm), J – Ribbing / Antique Bronze Snap (11 cm)