Woven Inner Tube Basket #27


Basket made with punctured road bike inner tubes and brass rivets.

One of a kind piece for storage or decoration. Made with pieces of 10 or more bicycle inner tubes – helping to keep useful materials like these from going to landfill.

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Basket made from punctured bicycle inner tubes and brass rivets. Could be used as small storage or as a plant pot cover (if doing the latter, it’s best if you also use a pot saucer!).


  • Slouchy look to basket due to more flexible inner tubes used – viewed from above opening is not round.
  • Made using pieces from approx 10 punctured bicycle inner tubes
  • 7 vertical inner tubes on each side of basket
  • 7 levels of inner tube high
  • Inner tube widths vary 2.1 – 2.4 cm
  • Silver coloured brass rivets
  • Maximum exterior dimensions approximately: 21.5L x 21W x 17H cm
  • Interior base approx 17 cm square (for plant pot saucers, etc)
  • team sikel & ts stamped logos

Character – External:

  • 7 patches – 5 circular, 1 oblong, 1 black
  • Small raised “01923C-9”
  • Small raised “THAILAND”
  • White stamped “ROAD 7 62 700 ADE IN C” (areas cut off)
  • Raised “19/23”
  • White stamped “00×33/ 00” (areas cut off)
  • White stamped “Cont” (cut off)
  • Ribbing
  • Wear

Character – Internal

  • Raised “MADE IN” (cut off)
  • Stamped white “inental  -622/630 Race 28 in China 71194” (areas cut off)
  • Faded stamped white “Contin 18/25-6 Ra made in C 18029” (areas cut off)
  • Faded stamped white “25 1”
  • Stamped white “9632- in Taiw” (areas cut off)
  • Ribbing
  • Wear


These baskets are made using small pieces, please keep away from small children. They are not food safe – please do not use them for food.


While all inner tubes are washed thoroughly before being remade into new products, they may still mark light surfaces. Any stamps on the inner tube (both my logo and those from the inner tube manufacturer) are done with alcohol soluble inks, so keep away from hand sanitisers and harsh cleansers.

You can turn baskets inside out for dusting/cleaning. It it becomes wet, take care to dry thoroughly before placing on surfaces as water may become trapped between the layers of inner tube and later come out.

Inner tubes are a durable, water resistant material. However, these baskets have not been tested for use outdoors and are recommended for indoor use only.

For information about how to look after your products, please check out our Care page.


All baskets will be sent in plastic-free packaging and include a slip with important care information. They will be send folded to save on shipping costs but can be easily returned to shape. Please watch the video above for a demonstration of Kelly doing just that.

About Team Sikel Products

All Team Sikel products are handmade from upcycled materials and may feature signs of wear from their previous lives. We don’t consider these faults – they make every product one of a kind!

For information about how to look after your purchases, please check out our Care page.


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