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Super Seconds Saturday!

Have you guys heard about Super Seconds Saturday? Organised by Ink and Bear, it’s a special day for makers to post their seconds, prototypes, and older stock so you can grab a bargain.

Super Seconds Saturday will be extra special for me, keep reading to find out why.

SSS is EcoFriendly

Beyond being a bargain, Super Seconds Saturday can help the planet.

Stock that may not be ‘perfect’ (but that is still perfectly good!) is now able to find a home with customers instead of being potentially discarded. While in normal years I may have a seconds/sale section of my table at a market, this past year products have just sat on my shelves.

I do have an end-of-life process for those items that have significant faults, but it would be a shame to take apart the last few items of a line. Team Sikel is ALL ABOUT making the most of the resources that were used to produce products originally. So selling these at a discount will help honour my time, and also make way for new things.

Support Makers’ Potential

Buying seconds and prototypes means people can be more experimental with their creative process. They can try bold, new designs without having to worry if the products aren’t cost effective.

And while I have a bunch of ideas for new products, I always worry about potential waste if I make something that isn’t quite right. I’m happy enough using a prototype as a wallet for myself, but what happens to the iterations that I may want to go through to find the final product? I really don’t need that many! Super Seconds Saturday means I’ve got a place to list those.

What I’ll Have on Offer

I’ll have a mix of things:

  • Seconds – products that have minor faults (e.g. a skipped stitch, an old construction method). I’ll include as many photos as I can to detail why it’s a second.
  • End of Line Items – products that I don’t plan on making any more of.
  • Old Branding – if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a slight change to the way I label some products. The older versions will be listed as part of SSS.
  • Prototypes – test versions of products, usually for commissions.

I’ll post more information including the items on offer and discounts closer to the time, follow me on Instagram and keep an eye out for those!

How It Works

Super Second Saturday is on Saturday 27 February. At 10am, I’ll turn on the listings for my SSS products. All my products are one of a kind, but here especially the quantities are limited and will not be replaced when sold out. So if you see something you like in my previews, set an alarm!

You’ll be able to find links to where to buy all the makers’ products on the Super Seconds Saturday website. The site will be updated with the catalogue closer to the time.

So what’s my exciting announcement for this event? My products will all be listed on my shop!

It’s been a long time coming. I honestly planned on launching my store last year, but with coronavirus completely lost motivation. Super Seconds Saturday is giving me a handy deadline to get myself in gear.

I can’t wait until 27th of February but there’s so much to do!